Alaskan Halibut Fishing with the Fuji X 100s

It was my first time to visit Alaska, I was on a fishing trip with a few family members and some friends.  I'd seen pictures of Alaska and knew it was a beautiful part of the world but I wasn't ready for just how striking and raw feeling it really is.  You're dwarfed by its grandeur, made small by rugged mountains and vast sections of open water.  We were there to go Halibut fishing.  Halibut fishing is strictly regulated and you can only catch two per day per person.  We chartered a small boat with Captain Jim and the first mate Willie headed out for a few hours past island that rose straight up out of the sea and breaching whales, arriving at about a depth of 350 feet.

Prior to heading out, I rented myself a Fuji X100s from  I had wanted to try one out but didn't know if I wanted to take the plunge and purchase one just yet.  I was really excited to try it out and even watched David Hobby's video walkthrough on the plane ride.  In the end, I decided to not to get one, mostly because of the shutter lag, it was pretty bad at the time.  However,  I might try the newer version of the X100 one of these days since I've heard they've gotten a lot faster.  Either way, the pictures that did come out of this little camera were nothing short of stunning, beautiful colors, great contrast, and sharpness, and all jpg's, no messing around for hours with raw files for once.   I will say if I hadn't rented this camera I probably wouldn;t have gotten the X T1 which I absolutely love!